Privacy Policies

These privacy policies apply to the Portal: They were issued by the company InFace Invest Group Ltd to govern the privacy of all visitors and those who choose to register.

The rules define different areas relating to the privacy of users and describe the obligations and requirements of the user and the owner of the Portal. In addition, the way in which this Portal processes, it preserves and protects user data and information; details are specified in the rules.

Portal of the company InFace Invest Group LTD (hereafter: Portal)

This Portal and its owners have a proactive approach to user privacy and ensure taking the necessary steps in order to protect the privacy of its users during their visit. This Portal acts in accordance with all the laws of international law and the requirements of privacy.

Usage of Cookies

This Portal uses cookies to improve the user experience during the visit of the Portal. Where appropriate, this Portal uses the cookie control system that allows the user, when visiting the Portal for the first time, to permit or prevent the use of cookies on their computer / device. This is in line with the latest regulatory requirements for Portals to obtain explicit consent from the user before leaving the background or read files such as cookies on the user's computer / device.

Cookies are small files stored on the user's computer hardware which follow and keep information on the user interactions and the use of the Portal. This allows the Portal through its server to provide users with a personalised and adequate visit to the Portal.

Users are advised, if they wish to reject the use and storage of cookies from this Portal on the hard disk of their computers, necessary steps should be taken within the security settings of their web browsers to block all cookies from this Portal and sellers of foreign services.

This Portal uses a software to monitor the actions of visitors to be able to provide a better understanding of the content on the web site. This software takes care of Google Analytics which uses cookies to track the use of visitors. The software will save a cookie on the computer's hard drive in order to monitor and oversee the engagement and use of the Portal but will not keep or collect personal data.

Other cookies can be stored on the hard disk of your computer by using external producers when this Portal uses referral programs, sponsored links or advertisements. Such cookies are used for the conversion and tracking of referrals and usually expire within 30 days, though some can last longer. No personal information is stored or collected.

My Account Site

On the site My Account are the subsites Profile and KYC which collect all relevant data in 3 ways, these are required as proof of the authenticity of the entered data and as a precondition for the signing of the Franchise agreement. The company InFace Invest Group signs the Franchise agreement exclusively with members who agreed with their entering of data (the agreeing with the Privacy policies when registering), have entered their data (on the Profile site) and verified the entered data with documents (on the KYC site), after which the authenticity was checked by the company InFace Invest Group and the member received the VERIFIED status.

Subsite Profile

Completing the required fields which are marked * (visit Profile site) in two ways:

I way: The individual as a physical entity (PA - Personal Account) enters personal data.

II way: The individual as a legal entity (BA - Business Account) enters personal data as the responsible person in front of the legal entity and the data of the legal entity.

Subsite KYC

KYC means Know Your Customer.

The subsite KYC serves to collect documents in two ways as a confirmation of the authenticity of the entered data (on the subsite Profile), (go to the site KYC):

I way: The individual as a physical entity (PA), enters personal documents

II way: The individual as a legal entity (BA), enters personal documents and documents of the legal subject.

The company InFace Invest Group has three preconditions for the signing of the Franchise agreement:

I precondition: purchase of the starting package within 30 days,

II precondition: registration of at least one direct member within 90 days

III precondition: entering accurate data and documents as a verification of the entered data within 90 days.

By making the decision to sign the Franchise agreement and fulfilling all preconditions, the member downloads the Franchise agreement on the subsite KYC (which is available immediately after verification) and signs it, after which the agreement gets uploaded on that same subsite KYC. From that moment, a whole set of documents of the company InFace Invest Group Ltd are available to download at any time for an indefinite period. This method is legally acceptable as a guarantee in business operations between a physical entity or physical and legal entity on one side and the company InFace Invest Group on the other side.

All relevant data and documents collected by the company InFace Invest Group are protected and the company guarantees that they won't be misused nor submitted to a third party, they're used only for the purpose of signing the Franchise agreement.

Data that will be available to other members in the company relate to the Username or ID number and the e-mail address for the purpose of mutual communication for the exchange of information that contribute to their business. Every registered member in the company agrees when registering with the condition that this information is available to other members of the company.

Franchise agreement

The company InFace Invest Group has two models of the Franchise agreement:

I model: This model applies to members as PA and BA in the company InFace Invest Group

II model: This model applies to other companies which promote their business on our Portal

Internal links

The Portal of the InFace Invest Group has internal links with other companies that promote their business on our Portal and have their own Privacy policies which are featured on their subsites and the company InFace Invest Group isn't responsible for their Privacy policies which relate to their gathering of data from their members and their database. The company InFace Invest Group gives other companies the possibility to integrate their business on our Portal with a separate base which will exclusively be managed by each company for themselves and only they will have access to the data or those who have permission from the company, but the company InFace Invest Group has nothing to do with these bases, data and decisions of other companies and isn't responsible, what is evidenced in the Franchise agreement between other companies on one hand and the company InFace Invest Group on the other.

Contact and communication

Users who contact this Portal and / or owners do so at their own discretion and provide all personal data that is required, at their own risk. Your personal information is kept in the promise of discretion and kept under protection until they are needed, as detailed in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This Portal and its owners use the given information to help provide you with additional information about the products and services we offer, or to help you and answer any questions or queries that you may send. Your data isn't transmitted to a third party.

External links

Although this Portal seems to include only high-quality, safe and relevant external links, users are advised to adopt the privacy policy before clicking on any external website links mentioned on this Portal. (External links are links that can be clicked on texts / banners / images or on other websites.)

The owners of this Portal cannot guarantee or verify the content of any of the external linked sites despite their best efforts. Users should therefore accept to click on external links at their own risk and that this Portal and its owners cannot be held responsible for any damage or implications caused by visiting the before mentioned external links.

Social media platforms

Communication, engagement and action undertaken through external social media or platforms on which this Portal also participates, are adjusted to the conditions and privacy policy of any social and media platform. Users are advised to use social media or platforms and to wisely communicate / engage in them with care and caution with regard to their privacy and personal details.

This Portal and its owners will never ask for personal or sensitive information via social media platforms and encourage users who wish to discuss sensitive details to contact them via primary communication channels, e.g. by telephone or e-mail address on social or media platforms. Communication takes place exclusively through the Support of the Portal.

This Portal can use buttons for social sharing that help in sharing web content directly from the Portal to the relevant social network. Users are recommended, before using these buttons for social sharing, that they do it at their own discretion and pay attention to whether the social media platform can monitor and maintain your requirement to share the Portal respectively through your account on social media.

Shortened links in social media

This Portal and its owners can, through their social media platforms, share web links to relevant websites through their social media. By default, some social networks or platforms shorten long URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or web addresses (websites), (this is an example:

Users are advised to be careful and understand links well before clicking on shortened URL or web addresses posted on social media platforms by this Portal and its owners.
Despite the best efforts to ensure the publication of only the original URL and web addresses, many social media platforms are prone to spam and hacking, and therefore this Portal and its owners cannot be held responsible for any damage or implications caused by visiting shortened links.

Resources and additional information

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018
  • General Data Protection Rules
  • Rules on privacy and electronic communications 2018
  • Twitter Privacy Policy
  • Facebook Privacy Policy
  • Google Privacy Policy
  • MySpace Privacy Policy
  • YouTube Privacy Policy
  • Skype Privacy Policy


(General Data Protection Regulation)

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Terms of service

1. Introduction

1.1 These terms and conditions govern your use of our Portal.

1.2 By using our Portal, you fully accept these terms; Accordingly, if you don't agree to these conditions or any part of these conditions, you may not use our Portal.

1.3 If you [register on our Portal, submit any materials and documents to our Portal or use any of the services offered on our Portal], we ask you to expressively agree to these terms and conditions.

1.4 You need to be at least 18 years old to use our Portal; by using our Portal or agreeing to these conditions, you guarantee us that you're at least 18 years old and you have to verify this with your document for verification ID. For children under 18 years of age the consent of one parent is required along with the verification ID of the child, with one of the documents issued by the competent institution in your country.

2. Our Portal uses cookies

2.1 By using our Portal or agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with the provisions of our [privacy policy and cookies].

3. Copyright notice

3.1 All copyrights are owned by: 2018 InFace Invest Group Ltd©

3.2. In accordance with the explicit provisions of the conditions:

(a) We, together with our licenses, own and control all copyright and other intellectual property rights on our Portal and the materials on our Portal; and

 (b) reserved are all copyrights and other intellectual property rights on our Portal and the materials on our Portal.

4. License to use the Portal

4.1 You can:

(a) browse pages from our site in the web browser;

(b) download pages from our Portal for caching in the web browser;

(c) printing pages from our Portal;

(d) [stream audio and video files from our Portal]; and

(e) [use [our Portal services] with the help of web browsers],

in accordance with other provisions of these conditions.

4.2 Except what is expressively permitted by the article 4.1 or other provisions of these conditions, you aren't permitted to download any material from our web location or store such material on the computer, other than those that are allowed for download with download instructions.

4.3 You can use our Portal only for your own personal or business purposes, but you cannot use our Portal for any other purposes except the ones that are prescribed by signing the Franchise agreement.

4.4 Unless expressively permitted by these terms and conditions, you may not edit or in any way later any of the material on our website and submit it to the public, unless you have verified and signed authorisation of our company.

4.5 Unless you own or control the relevant rights in the material, you're not allowed to:

(a) republish materials from our Portal (including the publication on other websites and Portals);

(b) sale, issue or sub-license from our Portal;

(c) publicly display any material from our Portal;

(d) exploit materials from our Portal for commercial purposes; or

(e) redistribute materials from our Portal.

4.6 Regardless of section 4.5, you can [editorial] [our newsletter] redistribute [in printed and electronic form] [to anyone].

4.7. We reserve the right to restrict access to certain areas of our Portal, in our sole discretion; you cannot bypass or circumvent, or attempt to bypass or circumvent, any measures of limiting access to our Portal

5. Acceptable use

5.1 You're not allowed to:

(a) to use our Portal in any manner or to undertake any act that causes or may cause damage to the Portal or damaging effect on the availability or accessibility of the Portal;

(b) to use our Portal in any way which is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful, or in any connection with any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity;

(c) to use our Portal and to copy, store, host, transmit, send, publish or distribute any material which consists of (or is connected to) any spyware, computer viruses, Trojans, worms, keystrokes logger, rootkit or other malicious computer software;

(d) [conduct any systematic or automated data collection activities (including without limitation scraping, data handling, data extraction and data collection) on or in relation to our website without our expressive written consent];

(e) [access or otherwise cooperate with our Portal with the help of any robot, spider or other automated means [, except for the purposes of [indexing the index]]];

(f) [violate the directives listed in the robots.txt file for our Portal]; or

(g) [using data collected on our website for any activity of direct marketing (including without limitation e-marketing, SMS marketing, telemarketing and direct mail)].

[additional lists]

5.2 You're not allowed to use the information collected on our website to contact individuals and companies, except those individuals and companies whose data you can access through your Network. Our Privacy Policy is based on discretion, and all data collected on our website will be used solely for the purpose for which it was collected in the first place. Personal data will be used for the purpose of identity verification, and cookies will collect data in order to improve our services. Using the data of members of our Portal by other members is allowed only for the registration of new members (Referral Link) or to communicate with each other with the help of the form on the Portal or via personal e-mail; and accessible are only the usernames and emails of members.

Any abuse of this data by the members and harassment is considered Spamming (SPAM POLICY) and will be treated accordingly, and the company InFace Invest Group Ltd punishes such abuses with a warning or direct exclusion of the member through the company's blockade of accounts and seizure of assets without compensation.

5.3 You must ensure that all information you provide us via our website, or in relation to our Portal, are [true, accurate, current, complete and relevant].

6. Registration and accounts

6.1 To be eligible for an [account] on our Portal in accordance with this Article 6, you must possess the citizenship of the country which you enter when providing your information and have a valid document of the Country to confirm your identity.

6.2 You can register for an account on our Portal by [filling out the registration form on our website and clicking on the verification link in the e-mail you will be sent by our Portal].

6.3 You're not allowed to let any other person use your account to access the Portal, but you arbitrarily give permission, you will be responsible for any resulting problems caused by this action.

6.4 You must notify us immediately if you are aware of unauthorised use of your account.

6.5 You may not use any other account to access the Portal, unless with the authorisation of that person.

7. Details on the registration of members

7.1 If you register for an account on our Portal, [we will provide] OR [you will be asked to choose] [username and password].

7.2 Your user ID must not be misled and must comply with the rules of the content listed in Section 10; You cannot use your account or user ID for or in connection with the imitation of any person.

7.3 You need to keep your password confidential.

7.4 You must notify us immediately if you are aware of any disclosure of your password.

7.5. You are responsible for any activity on our Portal caused by any failure of keeping your password confidential and you can be held responsible for any losses arising from such conduct.

7.6 It is necessary to carry out KYC/AML procedures of verification of your identity so that the company is in compliance with GDPR regulations against money laundering, terrorist financing and other.
If you register, pay for the start package and you do not want to perform the KYC/AML procedure, the company is not obliged to return the invested funds and you as an unverified user lose the right to the same.
The data is stored and kept within the prescribed rules of the GDPR.

8. Cancellation and suspension of accounts

8.1 We can:

(a) [suspend your account]; in the first 30 days because of you not purchasing the Staring package,

(b) in the first 90 days because of unaccomplished verification,

(c) in the first 90 days because of the non-registration of at least one member with the help of Friendship or Referral links,  

(d) from the 90th to the 100th day because of not signing the Franchise agreement.

(e) By disrespecting the rules of conduct and misusing the Portal in any way that isn't in accordance with the rules on the Portal which the company InFace Invest Group Ltd© provides, your account can be blocked at any time, based on our sole decision without prior notice or explanation.

8.2 The cancellation of your account is automated and doesn't require any of your actions in this case, the system will automatically cancel your account if any of the listed obligations aren't fulfilled (8.1 a), b), c), d), and e)) within the specified period and if you have invested funds, they will be returned within 24-48h (or up to 5 working days) to the processor through which you have invested.

9. Your content: License

9.1 In these conditions "Your content" applies to [all works and materials (including without limitation texts, graphics, images, audio materials, video materials, audio-visual material, scripts, software and files) which you have sent or inserted on our Portal for storage or publication, processing or transmission through our Portal] rights are owned by the company, noting that the contents will not be used for purposes other than those for which they were provided, which is regulated by our rules, and discretion is guaranteed.

9.2 You assign us the right to sue for breach of the rules on the Portal and in accordance with that the use of your documents for filling a lawsuit at the competent court.

9.3 You can edit your content to the extent permitted by the functionality for edition and which are available on our Portal.

9.4 If you break any of these conditions in any way or if we reasonably suspect that you have broken these conditions in any way, we can delete and suspend your access to our Portal.  

10. Your content: Rules

10.1 You guarantee and confirm that your content is in accordance with these terms and conditions.

10.2 Your content isn't allowed to be illegal, it's forbidden to violate the legal rights of any person and to be able to file a legal suit against any person (in any case; in any jurisdiction and based on any applicable law).

10.3 Your content and our use of your content is in accordance with these conditions and isn't allowed to:

(a) be defamatory or false;

(b) be general or rude;

(c) be an infringement of copyright, moral rights, database rights, rights of trademark, design rights, rights in the attachment or other intellectual property rights;

(d) violate any trust, the right to privacy or the right to data protection laws;

(e) represent negligent advice or contain any careless statement;

(f) represent an incentive for the commission of a crime, the manual for committing an offense or promotion of criminal activities;

(g) be a contempt of any court or violation of any court order;

(h) be in violation of legislation on racial, religious, minority or sexual rights, hatred or discrimination in any way;

(i) be sacrilegious;

(j) infringe the laws on official secrets;

(k) violate any contractual obligation to any person;

(l) show violence [in an explicit, graphical or useless way];

(m) be pornographic [, directed, suggestive or sexually explicit];

(n) be incorrect, defective, missing or improper;

(o) consist of or contain any instructions, advice or other information that can lead to illness, injury or death, or any other loss or harm;

(p) represent spam;

(q) be offensive, deceptive, false, threatening, abusive, harassing, antisocial, exaggerated, grumpy, discriminating or flammable;

(r) represent disturbance, unnecessary discomfort or anxiety to any person.

[additional lists]

11. Limited guarantees

11.1 We do not guarantee or represent:

(a) incompleteness or inaccuracy of the information on our Portal;

(b) that the material on our Portal is current on other websites;

11.2 We reserve the right to terminate or amend any or all of our Portal's services and to stop the publication on our Portal, at any time at our sole choice without prior notice or explanation except for the aforementioned guarantees, you will not be entitled to any compensation or other payment after modification or suspension of any of the Portal's services, as well as if we stop publishing on the Portal.

12. We will not be held responsible for any business losses

including (without limitation) loss or damage to profits, income using, production, anticipated savings, business, contracts, commercial opportunities or goodwill because the very use of the Portal is regulated through the Franchise agreement and invested resources are treated as Franchise compensation based on which Educational packages are received.

12.1 We will not be liable to any indirect or consequential loss or damage.

12.2 You accept that we have an interest in limiting the personal liability of our clerks and employees, while taking account of these interests, we confirm that we are a limited liability company; you agree that you will not personally submit any requests to our clerks and employees in connection with the losses that you have in the Portal or these conditions (this will of course not limit or exclude the liability entity with limited liability)

13. Violations of these conditions

13.1 Without prejudice to our other rights under these conditions, if you in any way breach these conditions or if we reasonably suspect that you have in any way breached these conditions, we can:

(a) send you one or more official warnings;

(b) temporarily suspend your access to our Portal;

(c) permanently ban your access to our Portal;

(d) block computer access to our Portal by using your IP address;

(e) contact any or all internet service providers and ask them to block your access to our Portal;

(f) commence legal proceedings against you, whether for breach of contract or otherwise;

(g) suspend or delete your account on our Portal.

[additional lists]

13.2. When we suspend or ban or block your access to our website or part of our website, you're not allowed to take any action to work around such a suspension or ban or block [(including without limitation [creating and / or using another account)].

14. Variation

14.1 From time to time we may revise these terms and conditions.

14.2. The revised terms will apply to the use of our Portal from the date of publication of the revised terms on the Portal, and here you waive any rights to which you will normally have to be notified or have to agree to the revision of these conditions or that we'll give you a written notice of any revision of these conditions and provisions, laws and rules. These conditions will apply to the use of our Portal from the day when you will be given such notification; if you don't agree with the amended terms, you must stop using our Portal.

14.3 If you have given your consent to these conditions, we will ask for your consent to any revision of these conditions.

15. Assignment

15.1 You hereby agree that we may assign, transfer, subcontract or in any other way deal with our rights and / or obligations under these conditions.

15.2. Without prior written consent you may not assign, convey, subcontract or in any other way deal with some of your rights and / or obligations under these conditions.

16. The rights of third parties

16.1. The contract under these conditions is for your and our behalf and is not intended to benefit any third party.

16.2. Exercise of the rights of the parties under the contract under these circumstances is not subject to the consent of any third party.

17. The entire agreement

17.1 In accordance with Article 12.1, these terms and conditions [together with our privacy and cookies] will represent the entire agreement between you and us in connection with your use of our Portal and supersede all prior agreements between you and us in relation to your use of our Portal.

18. Law and jurisdiction

18.1 These terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the international law.

18.2 Any dispute relating to these terms shall exclusively or non-exclusively be subject to the jurisdictions of the courts of our Portal's members' countries.

19. Mandatory and regulatory disclosure

19.1 We are registered at the following address: Global Gateway 8 Rue De La Perle Providence, Mahé, Republic of Seychelles, NO.: 197736 url:

19.2 We are a company that isn't subject to taxes of any country.

19.3 You can contact us:

(a) by sending a mail to the specified e-mail address;

(b) by using the Contact form on the Portal;

(c) via skype, on the contact icon published on our Portal;


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