The satisfaction warranty with the business activity in the first 90 days is a 100% ROI in that period, the greatest possible guarantee that a company can give to its members.

From the moment of registration for the next 90 days, the company gives equal opportunity to every registered member until the expiration of the 90 days, to independently decide whether they want to give up on any further business or want to continue their business activity.

We believe that 90 days are a long enough period in which every member has more than enough time to start their business without any risk and consider all available information about the company and the company's operations, i.e. everything that could be of interest to the member and bring them to their own decision to continue the business by signing the Franchise agreement.

After the expiration of the 90th day, the obligation of every member is to decide whether they want to stop or continue their business by clicking on the according link. The decision deadline is in the next 10 days after the expiration, which is the 100th day after the registration date.

If the member for any reason, without the obligation to give reason for its decision, wishes to withdraw from continuing the business, the company is committed to refund the entire invested amount and delete them from the occupied position within 24-48h / max. 5 working days.

A member who clicks on the link to give up their business activity isn't entitled to re-register within the next 180 days at the expiration of the warranty period.