Group I

Basic questions and answers

The satisfaction warranty with the business activity in the first 90 days is a 100% ROI in that period, the greatest possible guarantee that a company can give to its members.

From the moment of registration for the next 90 days, the company gives equal opportunity to every registered member until the expiration of the 90 days, to independently decide whether they want to give up on any further business or want to continue their business activity.

We believe that 90 days are a long enough period in which every member has more than enough time to start their business without any risk and consider all available information about the company and the company's operations, i.e. everything that could be of interest to the member and bring them to their own decision to continue the business by signing the Franchise agreement.

After the expiration of the 90th day, the obligation of every member is to decide whether they want to stop or continue their business by clicking on the according link. The decision deadline is in the next 10 days after the expiration, which is the 100th day after the registration date.

If the member for any reason, without the obligation to give reason for its decision, wishes to withdraw from continuing the business, the company is committed to refund the entire invested amount and delete them from the occupied position within 24-48h / max. 5 working days.

A member who clicks on the link to give up their business activity isn't entitled to re-register within the next 180 days at the expiration of the warranty period.

Our Portal uses cookies only with the intention to improve the overview of our sites in your search engine and the protection of friendship and referral links. Our cookies gather data from your search engine which are related to your visits to our Portal and give us guidelines on how to improve your access, while the company guarantees discretion and that data cannot be used or misused for other purposes.

It's necessary for you to get acquainted with the Terms of Use on the following link:

It's necessary for you to get acquainted with the Privacy Policy on the following link:

Precognition isn't necessary for you to be a successful member of our SFT21 system. The will and desire to learn and improve your existing or future way of doing business is enough, and through upgrades in our system you will receive educational packages of the InFace University whose instructions you have to follow step by step and they will lead you to success, sooner or later.

The Log in site can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

By clicking on the Log in button at the bottom of the Thank You site or in the upper right corner on our Portal Home, you get to the site which contains a form for you to Log in and all that's necessary is for you to enter the following information:

* Enter Username

* Enter Password

You are offered 3 options which you should only use in case:

You have lost your Username?
Forgot your Password?
You don't have an account yet, Register now

Click on the button Log in

The Username is your name which you need to choose independently. There must be a minimum of eight characters. A once chosen Username cannot be changed later. Usernames are unique in the system so it's impossible to choose the same, already existing Username.

By entering your Username and Password, you log into your account.

A Password is a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 100 characters, which you choose freely. It should contain a capital letter, lowercase letter, number and punctuation mark.

The first Password is provided by the system after the confirmation of registration, which subsequently can be changed, whenever you want.

The Password you must keep to yourself and not give to others. If you do give it to someone else, you do it at your own risk.

It's necessary for you to own one of the 3 offered links below or simply visit our Portal and choose the Sign In option in the main menu:

Friendship link in the form:,

Referral link in the form: ili

Admin link in the form: .

After choosing one of the offered links, a new site will open with the Registration Form which you have to fill out as follows:

* Your Name

* Your Surname

* Choose your Username

* Enter your Email address

* Enter your Password

* Confirm Password

Choose one of the offered options:

* Personal or Business

  (Personal needs to be confirmed with personal documents, and the Business with the personal documents and documents of the registered company)

Choose one of the offered options:

* I have an Activation Code or I don't have an Activation Code

  (If you choose the option I have an Activation Code, a new field opens for you to enter the code, and if you choose the option I don't have an Activation Code, you will be instructed to buy a Code after the registration)

* Confirmo: I agree with the Terms of use and Privacy policy (It's necessary for you to get acquainted with the Terms of use and Privacy policy by visiting the sites on the prominent links)

* Click on the button Registration

After the registration it's necessary for you to confirm the registration with the link that will be sent to your email. Having visited the link to confirm your registration, go to the Thank You site where the following text will be waiting for you:

Thank you for your registration in the company InFace Invest Group!

On the Thank You site is a text under the title: Important Remark, BE SURE TO READ:

After reading the text, on the bottom of the page is a connection in the form of a Log In button which you have to click to visit the site and log in.

The account activation is the first step that must be done after the completion of registration. After the performed registration, you occupy the first empty position in the structure of your referral after which it's necessary to activate your account in order to access the sites of the control panel.

Activation of the user's account is possible with;

  • Activation of a Friendship
  • Activation of a code in the value of $10
  • Purchase of a Starting package in the value of $30
  • Purchase of a Starting package in the value of $105