Our successful business career has continued for over 30 years and reflects in the creation and management of successful companies.

With the appearance of the internet and development of advanced technologies, we have reoriented our business activities towards the internet and become pioneers in it.

Our career in the internet business over the last 20 years, we have encompassed and formed in our unique way by creating and patenting an exceptional system with a self-sustaining formula.

The accuracy of our system has proven itself in practice countless times, and the confirmation is:

  • A large number of successful and satisfied members in our system which is steadily increasing
  • A large, satisfied and successful community which came into existence through our attendants' testing and implementation of our InFace University
  • A desire for innovations and painstaking work has brought us to the creation of the unique SFT21 system on the internet

Our SFT21 system is patented and you can get to know it through registration only, but most importantly, you can test it for 90 days.

The best way to test our career is through your registration and the development of your own career with the help of us and our system SFT21.

The company InFace Invest Group wants to make you a business partner by providing you the possibility of entering an elite community of successful companies and individuals.

The difference between us and others is that we're not selfishly keeping our career and experience to ourselves, we want to share it with you and thus create successful partners.

For every partnership two sides are needed and if both are satisfied, the partnership is possible and successful, and our system is founded on success. Your success is also our success. If you're not successful, neither will be our partnership, and therefore we won't be successful as well.

Our principle is very simple: We give you the education and way to achieve success, while you give us your partnership and help us with the expansion our successful community.

It's not important what it is that you do, but rather how you do it.

We will gladly share our age-long experience accompanied by the gathered knowledge and skills with you, and unselfishly show you how to do what you want to do in the best possible way.

Get to know the career statuses in our patented system SFT21 in the table below:

Short Name Full Name
Free SFT Free
Active SFT Active
Starting SFT Starting
Silver SFT 3 Silver
Gold SFT 7 Gold
Platinum SFT 14 Platinum
Emerald SFT 21 Emerald
Diamond SFT 21/3 Diamond
Blue Diamond SFT 21/7 Blue Diamond
Pink Diamond SFT 21/14 Pink Diamond
SFT Diamond SFT 21/21 SFT Diamond

Explanation: The career status in the guarantee period is based on your registration and activation along with the upgrading, while it's later based on the number of registered members.

SFT Free (after registration)

SFT Active (after activation)

SFT Starting (after the purchase of the Starting package)

SFT 3 Silver (after 3 directly registered referral-franchisees)

SFT 7 Gold (after 7 directly registered referral-franchisees)

SFT 14 Platinum (after 14 directly registered referral-franchisees)

SFT 21 Emerald (after 21 directly registered referral-franchisees)

SFT 21/3 Diamond (your 21 franchisees register 3 direct referrals each)

SFT 21/7 Blue Diamond (your 21 franchisees register 7 direct referrals each)

SFT 21/14 Pink Diamond (your 21 franchisees register 14 direct referrals each)

SFT 21/21 SFT Diamond (your 21 franchisees register 21 direct referrals each)