The company InFace Invest Group was founded on the 16th of March 2000 and deals with
  • building an online business and social community through the model of franchising
  • investing in the education, creation and development of IT companies,
  • integrating your business with our portal,
  • integrating the SFT21 system into your business,
  • researching internet businesses,
  • introducing innovations in marketing,
  • web apps, design, DevOps, development of mobile applications, infrastructural solutions,
  • creating new algorithms in the IT business,
  • developing processor for payments,
  • developing crypto/digital currencies, social networks and online services, games...
  • investments and much more...


Created as products of the InFace Invest Group company's successful work are:

IT department named Safe Future Team

IT Educational department named InFace University


That's us - InFace Invest Group Ltd!

InFace Invest Group Ltd - a company dedicated to your success!