Are we the company with the best business concept on the internet?

We're inviting you to check and see for yourself!

In contrast to all other companies which are operating on the internet, the company InFace Invest Group distinguishes by

  • IT department of the Safe Future Team
  • exceptional and patented SFT21 algorithm
  • formula of the self-sustaining system
  • Educational department InFace University
  • highly educated staff
  • high-tech resources
  • design, quality, quantity, possibilities
  • technology, education, development, upgrade

As a constituent part of the company InFace Invest Group is the IT department of the Safe Future Team which possesses the patented system SFT21. The system SFT21 offers unlimited possibilities through the franchise to all physical and legal entities, in the field of IT technologies and internet business.

A patented self-sustaining system through implementation of the SFT21 algoritthm which provides unlimited possibilities in the realisation of your business and life wishes, which we easily adapt to your business activity and integration on our portal.

By starting a new or reorganising an existing business with our SFT21 system, your business activity will be lifted to a higher level and brought to fascinating results and unbelievable possibilities for progress.

Everything that's necessary for you is to join our community of successful and satisfied people, and in the period of 90 days check our SFT21 system.

In addition to everything mentioned above, what the essence of our future collaboration is and what's sufficient for the realisation of your success; our IT department possesses everything necessary for building or upgrading and integrating your future or already existing business on our portal, and all of that in one place.

Web Apps

Our HTML5/CSS3/JS web applications and services work on on all devices with a smooth experience.

We provide robustness, reliability and safety and use market-leading technologies and frameworks.


Technologies that we use

  • Languages: Java, Php, Javascript, Python, ObjectiveC
  • Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, Thymeleaf, Django
  • Web: HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, ES6, SASS, Bootstrap
  • Mobile: IOS, Android, Responsive Web
  • Data store: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elastic, Solr
  • Cloud: Hetzner, Amazon
  • Servers:Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Jetty
  • CMS / DMS: Drupal, Alfresco
  • Async: CometD, ActiveMK, RabbitMk, WebSockets
  • DevOps: Ansible, Packer, Jenkins
  • SCM: Mercurial, Git, Subversion


UX/UI design

We create user interfaces that connect the user to your product. We keep in mind your business requirements, engage your users, and bring your ideas to life.

We design your websites, mobile apps, logos and branding, brochures, banners, and many other.


We take agile approach, making sure our development and delivery process is automated and accelerated.

We provide the know-how and work together to create different types of system engineering solutions.

Development of mobile applications

Depending of your needs, we can develop native applications for iOS and Android or responsive web applications.

We use the latest platforms and frameworks to develop state of the art applications.

Infrastructure solutions

Appropriate infrastructure solutions strengthen your business. From IT infrastructure and equipment, to software tools, we provide a wide spectrum of solutions to improve your current software and hardware.

We provide trustworthy infrastructural solutions to strengthen your business.

Everything stated above gives you the opportunity of integrating your existing business or starting a completely new business concept on our portal.

Whether you have or haven't any experience on the internet or with the IT business - it doesn't matter, it's not even necessary, because we are experienced.

Maybe you have an idea of what you'd do, but you don't know how - it doesn't matter, we'll help you on your way and show you how to do it.

No precognition is necessary.

Necessary is the desire for success, leave everything else to us.

Access the free registration to our daily notifications and simply follow further instructions on how to register and become a business partner in our SFT21 business concept.

The entire philosophy of life is contained in two words, which are at the same time very important life decisions:

I want to, or I don't!

Because if you want something, you can do it! But if you don't, then you can't!

Essentially everything is contained in the attitude and fact, whether you will decide to move forward or not.

If your decision is I WILL, then you're in the right place.

Welcome to the company InFace Invest Group Ltd and our Safe Future Team community!